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Madonna’s progression of style include a cropped short blonde haircut with a myriad of clothing styles  from tutu’s to Spanish inspired flamenco gowns. Her music was forever the influence as she released La Isla Bonita, her style seemed to ramp into high gear toward senorita mode with lace dress in natural tones. Toward the end of the 80’s, Madonna’s style seemed to take quite a different direction with sleek slip dresses, minimal jewelry, only a crucifix for the “Like a Prayer” video. When Madonna released “Express Yourself” in 1989 she clearly was making her mark with experimentation of power with androgyny. A black power suit, magnifying glass necklace and a short slicked back blonde cut was minimalistic but dominant. The style was reminiscent of gangsters Al Capone and Baby Face Nelson and entire video treatment for Express Yourself seemed to be inspired by the era.

The Blonde Ambition tour in 1990 made way for an iconic collaboration between designer and musician as Jean Paul Gaultier designed Madonna her signature cone shaped corset, paired fishnet stockings and platforms. When we think of her it is this style that instantly comes to mind and has endured for twenty years, no look has been more daring since.

Although Madonna has stunned the world throughout the years with her extreme fashion choices, it is the geneses of her career that is most responsible for creating her mystic. Everything she has done since the early part of her career has been seen as revolutionary due to her success during those years. Madonna’s evolutionary style is in a league of its own and she will be forever noted as one of music greatest style icons.

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    I just found you on Pinterest and I love your color board… I’m glad you’re sticking with it…. and you’re sharing a great lesson…. we all need to leave our comfort zone at times… it helps us grow!