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felipe francois, caus, color, association, united states, drom, fragrances, renato roque, scents, manicures, hypnotiq, fashion, 360, magazine By: Felipe Francois

On Thursday night May 17th, crowds gathered at Drom Fine Fragrance Design Studio in Tribeca for the trends forecast launch party event to sample the newest innovations of fragrances and colors. In collaboration with The Color Association of the United States (CAUS), invited guests were treated to cocktails and complimentary make-up sessions and manicures.  The studio was beautifully decorated with hand blown candles to match the palette of the event.

Hosted by Renato Roque, marketing manager of Drom Fragrances, the night put in full display the creativity of the studio’s perfumers who experimented with various fragrance concepts and a concoction of exotic ingredients to create the boldest compositions of scents. A little after 7pm the Color Trends Forecast Presentation began with members of CAUS explaining the concepts behind the various fragrances, four of which were passed around on smelling sticks for guests to sample – farm stand, galactic, transparent and new-trals (an interesting play on the word “neutrals”).

Farm stand reflect the colors of harvest vegetables that are dark yet vibrant. Galactic reflects a futuristic scent of traveling through outer space and is represented by silver grays and sleek aldehydes. The inspiration for transparent was the qualities of light and the ability to manipulate simple white light to create colors using different mediums. The colors represented here are lighter and airy with hints of plums and teal. Finally, new-trals evoke scents of rich earthy minerals and captures metal hues and texture. Guests were able to sample each fragrance and decide on which fragrance name was best represented by its scent.

After the presentation, I got a chance to speak with Mr. Roque who gave me a history of the studio, which began over one hundred years ago in Munich as a powder bar. The “fragrance bar” concept was created as a modern day version of the powder bar and today supplies fragrances to centers in the US, Europe, Asia and South America. He explained that clients come to the Drom and sit with perfumers to discuss the latest developments of fragrances. Perfumers would sometimes meet with clients in the conference room, but clients prefer to sit at the bar because of the sleek modern counter tops and high ceilings balanced with the exposed brick wall.

Once our discussion was over, Mr. Roque took me on a personal tour of the studio downstairs in the lab, where chemicals are mixed to create the fragrances. The lab consisted of workstations where bottles of chemicals line the walls. A computer is set up to create formulas for the fragrances, which are then mixed in the labs. He also showed me the smelling stations, which are four circular windows where the fragrances are tested for quality and consistency. He explained that technicians ensure that all the scents in a specific fragrance are represented in the desired degree determined in the formula. The modern feel of the studio followed through to the lab area and the smelling stations.

As guests left the event for the evening, they were treated to gifts bags full of goodies like nail polish, lip gloss, and pamphlet containing recipes for the drinks served at the event presented by Hypnotiq, and a cool glow stick with Hypnotiq’s name printed on it. It was truly a perfect end to a perfect event. As Mr. Roque said, the event “was a way for people to really see, touch, smell and feel” colors and fragrances in combination. “It’s an experience and we really wanted people to experience it.”

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  • Stya

    I HATE heavily scneted products! I’m very sensitive to certain scents, so there are products that I have to avoid because of that.