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By: Marty Cake

Fashion and music create the same debate as the chicken and the egg.  When you see anyone of the numerous stars of the music industry dressed in clothes that seem to only exist in your imagination, do you ask how they got there?  If you do I’m sure it is for a second, because the next thought is how I can get those for myself.

Musicians represent a small percentage of the population and hold an elitist position in society. What better walking display for fashion designers to place their creations on to reach the masses. This does raise the question, is it the clothes or the person who is wearing them that create the excitement.

Years ago the answer to this was pretty clear. Musicians dressed in what was exclusive and fresh. They turned to fashion designers to dress them not only for the red carpet, but for everyday activities. In many ways the power now has shifted to the artiest. No longer do musicians have to seek out clothes, they are simply brought to them.

Media today as given birth to a whole generation of people who need new information instantly at all times. Camera phones have created paparazzo who never sleeps, who can share at the push of a button, and who doesn’t need permission to do so. This has created a symbiotic relationship ship between designers and musicians.  One that is unclear who is more important to the other.

Fashion will always be important in the music industry, especially now the way artists with little talent are package and delivered by labels. But as this relationship has evolved the fashion industry has grown dependent on the acceptance of artist, and the choices they make regarding which style to wear. We have all looked at a popular musician and wanted to look exactly like them without know what brand they were wearing.  This raises the question, who is the egg and who is the chicken?