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CB I Hate Perfume, christopher brosius, cj swanton, tribeca grand hotel, soho, bbc, bottling the memory, inna bosenko    By: Inna Bosenko

On May 11th 2012, Fashion 360 Magazine attended the screening of the BBC documentary “Bottling the Memory” at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in SoHo. Entering the mini theater, it could automatically be assumed: this perfume is nothing but ordinary. The crowd anticipating the movie was incredibly fashion forward: mostly dressed in chic dark tones and edgy garments. Several minutes before the beginning of the movie, CJ Swanton, the owner and founder of Omen PR introduced the documentary, followed by a few words by Christopher Brosius, the mastermind behind the perfume ‘CB I Hate Perfume’.

CB I Hate Perfume is unlike anything in the fragrance industry. From the BBC documentary, it could be expected: the perfume is entirely focused on evoking memories rather than creating a separate fashionable image. The scents represented by the line range from “Ocean/Eternal Return” to “Violet Empire” and are designed to bring out important memories rather than impress the audience. The hints in perfumes extend to ‘sweat’ to ‘favorite desert’ to ‘cigarettes’ to ‘roast beef’ to just about anything people find attractive and relevant to their unique personal experiences. To capture these scents, the creator of CB I Hate Perfume Christopher Brosius travels all around the world to internment just the right aromas to satisfy his customers.

An emblematic CB I Hate Perfume customer is definitely looking for a smell to take them back to childhood or a favorite memory. After all, smell is known to be the strongest sense to evoke recollection and Christopher Brosius is known to be “in the business of evoking memories.”

After the screening, fabulous guests attended a chic bar at the Tribeca Grand Hotel for a cocktail and a friendly discussion of the enlightening documentary.