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Royal Brush Launch Party


 By: Alexis Schroeder

Ever have those makeup blush or bronzer brushes that feel like sandpaper against your skin?  If you haven’t, lucky you, but if you have, you know this to be one of the worst feelings as you are getting ready in the morning.  Over the course of the years synthetic brushes have improved; however, Kevin James Bennett launched his new R Evolution line that has transformed these prickly brushes into a modernized synthetic fiber that replicates natural hair.

“My art brushes can sit in turpentine for a week.  Why do my makeup brushes fall apart in water,” Mr. Bennett asked the crowd and more directly asked Royal Brush manufacturers.  Well, he has found a solution to that problem with his new product line, revolutionizing the makeup brush and tool category.  “I want to make makeup brushes that really stand up to what we do, which is work. Hard.”

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He has taken art brushes and modeled these makeup brushes off their durability and workability.  He lets us in on a little secret, “I don’t know if you guys know this, but the best make up brushes are equivalent to moderate quality art brushes, which is kind of ‘F-ed’ up in my eyes.”  He understands that makeup isn’t just a trade, but a true work of art and wants to raise the caliber.  Made with Dupont Natural Fill Fiber, it replicates natural hair and its benefits, whereas synthetic doesn’t “pick up and deposit,” the way it should.  The quality doesn’t cease there, the ferals are made of nickel plated solid brass, and therefore you don’t have to worry about them getting dented like the aluminum ferals.   “A work horse and ahem, a wet dream of a brush,” as Bennett describes.