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 By: Alexis Schroeder

Crier Beauty’s fashionable soiree took place on the stylish Upper East Side apartment of acclaimed interior designer, Tara Seawright. The night was kept intimate as guests gathered in the living room and foyer munching on delicious hors d’oeuvres and desserts by Chefs Diet. With a plethora of products to keep guests intrigued, the evening served as an introduction to new beauty, weight loss, and anti-aging products.

crier, beauty, makeup, skin, manna kadar, cosmetics, tara seawright, chefs diet, alexis schroeder, emerginC, DermaQuest, Skin ,Therapy, miracle skin transformer, V Magic, fashion, magazine, 360, Keranique, hair,DNAEGF, fullbar  Of the many featured products, Manna Kadar Cosmetics had all the women, and even men buzzing about her newly founded line. Ms. Kadar, a beauty expert and business guru when it comes to the cosmetic and head-to-toe beauty world, launched her high-quality cosmetic line in January 2012, after already establishing tanning salons and spas. During the Manna Kadar Cosmetic’s development, she kept every woman at the forefront of her mind, “really wanting to give every woman the tools to spring line their process and to put their face together.” Not just one, but the two best parts about this line is that each “product has more than one function and with this line woman can put their entire face together in as little as seven minutes!”

After hearing so much about the line, Ms. Kadar showed me each product and explained its functionality. She is a big believer in the Camera Ready Primer, noting that it was her favorite. “It’s a silicon based primer, which fills in all your lines, wrinkles, and pores. It goes on after your moisturizer and it starts you off with a flawless surface,” keeping your make up in place all day. It can even be worn alone with blush and a hint of lip gloss for that casual day. Especially during the upcoming summer months, this quintessential product should be in every woman’s tote! However, move aside ladies, this is becoming a man’s best kept secret. Unnoticeable and flawless, it works perfectly for both sexes.


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