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With summer just around the corner, every woman needs to get a solid base so the sun’s harmful rays don’t burn our delicate skin to the crisp. What if you don’t have time? Well, DermaQuest Skin Therapy already thought of that. DermaQuest Skin Therapy DermaGlow Self-Tanner, founded by award-winning cosmeceutical chemist, Sam Dhatt, provides a temporary natural looking glow to the skin. The best part, due to its even and gradual tanning process, it reduces unwanted streaks. Not only are streaks checked off the list, but it smells fantastic, like fresh cut apples sprinkled in cinnamon.

DermaQuest Skin Therapy thought of everything this summer. Not only are we provided with technologically advanced self-tanner, but its DermaFirm cancels out our cellulite issues. None of us like to admit it, but as we age, cellulite is inevitable. DermaFirm swaps our thigh, underarm, and even buttock cellulite for firm, healthy, and tight skin through a blend of six dimple-diminishing ingredients.

crier, beauty, makeup, skin, manna kadar, cosmetics, tara seawright, chefs diet, alexis schroeder, emerginC, DermaQuest, Skin ,Therapy, miracle skin transformer, V Magic, fashion, magazine, 360, Keranique, hair,DNAEGF, fullbar  Our make-up is lasting all day with Manna Kadar Cosmetics, our bellies are flat with Chefs Diet, our skins’ tone and texture is repaired with emerginC Scientific Organics, and tans and firm butts are accomplished thanks to DermaQuest. Now, what saving grace is there when it comes to bikini waxes? Medicine Mama’s Apothecary produces V Magic, an intimate wellness cream, which can be used as an intimate aid pre, during, and post sexual activity. It can also be used to reduce bumps, swelling, and redness after grooming, providing moisture to dry areas through its certified organic and natural honey bee ingredients.

Along with several other beauty wellness highlights of the night such as Sara McNamara’s Miracle Skin Transformer Hydroactive Microderm and Heal Everything Balm, Keranique’s Thinning Hair Solution for Women Volumizing Lifting Spray and Fortifying Mousse, DNAEGF Renewal’s Growth Factor Serum, and Fullbar’s Weight-Loss Gum, every woman and man, for that matter, is able to put their best foot forward!

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