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By: Alexis Schroeder

The everlasting marriage between the fashion and music industry inspires many of the runway’s trends, which ultimately, we find ourselves emulating.  This 2012 it’s about reviving classic iconic hairstyles infused with modernity.  One of today’s most preferred celebrity hairstylists, Cesar Ramirez, draws much of his inspiration from the former Queen of France, Marie Antoinette.  Besides the countless celebrities he has worked with, Mr. Ramirez’s most famous style probably originates from Cassie’s edgy side shaven head.

Coming from a family of hairdressers, Ramirez was off to an early start.  “Growing up in a salon, I was always exposed to fashion and reading fashion magazines at an early age,” even remembering his favorite Grace Jones poster with her flat top.  Luckily for the world, the young protégé had a head start in the fashion and beauty realm.

After getting more personal with Mr. Ramirez, he expounded upon his family saying, “You know my Mom will call me asking if I watched the red carpet, and I’m like shoot, I didn’t see that because I can be so busy that sometimes I just try and tune out of it.  But, it’s more motivation then for me.”  While getting to know more about his family and him, he exuded a down to earth, best friend vibe that immediately makes you feel comfortable and trusting of him.  He even mentioned, “Every time I get a client, I become their best friend.  Once you get to really know the person, you become really focused on what they need and at the end of the day it’s always about your clients.”