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Mr. Ramirez’s work mainly includes clientele in the hip hop and pop genres; yet, he loves to bring in some rock ‘n roll influences into each design’s conception.  “In my mind at the end of the day, I’m like you’re a rock star, regardless of whether you are into R&B, hip hop or whatever.  You’re a rock star and you need to have rock star hair.”

With his rock star mentality, Cassie’s half shaven head sensation, and old world inspirations, what’s next for this prominent hair stylist?  “It’s more about the moment.  I create beauty.  I feel my main thing, is not to be just over-the-top and be totally different.  What I really want to leave behind is that feeling of just feeling really beautiful and confident all the time.”

Certainly creating a plethora of beautiful hairstyles for us to imitate, he plans to take the hairstyles of the music industry and fashion world to the next level.  Before he explained, I thought what else could be done? We already had the awful crimping styles of the 80s and 90s, feathers, dyes, extensions, and eccentric cuts.  Intrigued, I eagerly wanted to know how he was going to thrill and revive tired hair styles and stylists.  “I think it would be really cool to take one of my biggest inspirations, which is Marie Antoinette and incorporate that into hair.  I just feel like so much has been done and I do get bored myself.  So, I have been playing with the idea: What if hair didn’t have to be glamorous and shiny to still be considered beautiful?”  Excitedly, he started to talk more about his icon’s style of powders, shapes, and rolls.  He is definitely someone to follow in the coming months!
Even though Cesar Ramirez can be saluted as the rock star of his industry, he humbly mentioned that he knows that he still has more to learn and wants to perpetually learn.  “You constantly are always learning in this industry and don’t ever think that you know it all.”  This is the definition of a truly passionate stylist and one that we, as followers, can guarantee will continually have us in anticipation.