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Besides inevitably changing trends of the fashion world, how else does he derive his personal inspirations? Harboring excellent preparation through full story boards, kick starts his inspirational juices.  “I try to walk into every situation feeling comfortable with each celebrity or model that I am working with.”  He noted, “It makes me feel good being overly prepared, but I always end up being more creative in the moment.  For me, it’s the situation and the person that I am with that really determines how creative I am.”

Sometimes, creativity in the fashion and music industries means elaborate over the top designs.  Is this the only definition of creativity in this arena, though?  Can a stylist still be considered brilliant and creative, for that matter, if not over-the-top?  Cesar Ramirez seems to believe exactly so.  “I think being creative is only a small part of creating an image.  For me I like being creative, but I also want to do things that really flatter and complement the person.”

So, if not so prone to the habitual outlandish stylings of the Lady Gagas and Nicki Minajs of the world, where does he extract his designs and inspirations? “I like to look at things in the past; I love old movies or old period pieces, like Marie Antoinette.  She is a huge inspiration for me. I also have tons of old high fashion magazines and I think of how that person was inspired and I guess, I try to go along those lines.”

After learning more about his styling process, I had to know how he decided on Cassie’s half shaved head.

Were you nervous about how the public would perceive this totally new style, that ultimately became a wide spread phenomenon?

“I have been with Cassie since day one, and I know her probably better than anyone at this point.  She has always been this glamour girl with absolutely amazing hair.  However, I know her to be a little tomboy, wearing skater sneakers and hoodies.  She’s a very versatile and fun girl.  We talked about this for a very, very long time actually, but she kept saying that she wanted to do something different, like shave her head.  I was in full support, but I was a little scared. What if you hate it?”

Today, so many people have also expressed their support for this new innovation that it is not an uncommon, or rather, unusual sighting.  Cesar and I laughed about how many girls came into his salon after that asking to have their heads shaved exactly like Cassie and he would reply, “…Umm, I’m not going to shave your head.  I will cut your hair and shave it according to you and your face shape,” explaining Cassie’s style was curtailed to her facial features.  “I didn’t realize that I was going to have such an impact.”

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