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inna bosenko, robert ireland, five, elements, photography, exhibit, fashion, 360, magazine By: Inna Bosenko


On the evening of February 29th, fabulous guests gathered at Robert Ireland’s Five Elements Photography Exhibit at Madison Street on the Lower East Side. Cocktails and h’orsdeuvres were served as invitees circled around the gallery viewing remarkable photographs. The night marks the first time Robert Ireland showcases his pieces, as his work was previously set aside for private showings only.

Descending down the stairs, guests found themselves entering a brightly lit modern space with a mini bar in the center, socialites and fashionistas mingling in small crowds discussing framed masterpieces and the sounds of live violin filling the air. The main wall by the entrance boasted a silver title of the exhibit and three photographs representing the element of sea. Further pieces hung in orderaround the room demonstratingvarious elements of nature.

From my perspective, the exhibit was all about color and movement. Captured scenes seemed naturally understandable, yet somehow managed to give the viewer complete freedom of personal interpretation. Titles of photographs such as “You are the…” and “How do you Like them…” gave a glimpse into what exactly the artist was trying to convey, however the main idea was left for the spectator to figure out. Personally, I was captivated by the way Robert Ireland used movement to portray energy: many photos were unclear and vague with a pop of bold color to keep the attention from drifting elsewhere. Focusing on nature, the exhibit would be expected to have a feeling of stillness and tranquility;nevertheless it surprisingly conveyed dynamism and liveliness.

Walking around the room sipping on my sparkling water, I couldn’t help but interpret the photographs from a fashion perspective: color schemes were simply fabulous! With abstract graphic prints becoming the new trend for upcoming fall, certain photographs might as well have been used as inspiration for a collection. “Life”, “Ethanol High” and “Speed Kills” was a group of pieces representing the element of land with an airy sensation done in bright striking blues, which are currently dominating the runways all over the world.

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