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 By: Inna Bosenko

On Monday, March 26th, Fashion360 Magazine attended the Marie Saeki PR & JA-MH  Showroom presentation to view several clothing, accessories and beauty collections.

Petit Bateau
The single brand at the showroom presenting children’s and women’s collection was all about femininity. The palette for children’s garments included light blues, grays, mustard yellow and bright red. Women’s clothing was slightly lighter including lots of white and light pinks. Both collections gave off a definite nautical vibe and focused heavily on currently trendy patterns. Stripes, stars, checkers, “Love” printed on tops: these collections had it all! My favorites included striped knit hats for children and women’s gray print top featuring a very trendy Peter Pan collar.

Friends with Benefits
Dramatic raised shoulders, asymmetrical collars, bright red silk dress: Friends with Benefits created a collection for brave daring fashionistas. Garments managed to be incredibly edgy and sexy, yet quite wearable. The palette was all about faded grays, blacks, browns and an occasional splash of scarlet. These clothes demand attention, which once given, don’t let it drift. Jackets by Friends with Benefits are incredibly exquisite, my absolute favorite being the glossy sea green/black printed one with an asymmetrical zipper and dramatic shoulders.
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