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Piplette by Alice Ritter
Piplette by Alice Ritter conveyed a very sweet, youthful and innocent vibe. Pieces had elegant, flowy shapes, yet were done in vibrant colors. Lots of playful patterns were present: especially polka dots dominating dresses and blouses. Standout pieces were a sleeveless blouse done in the lightest shade of mint, a navy/orange polka dotted dress with a cinched waist and a long zipper on the front and a royal blue jacket with an ability to make any feminine outfit suddenly edgy.

Kempton and Co. New York
This line of bags stunned me with its effortless combination of style and usefulness. Exemplifying the march of fashion along with technological progress, these beautiful purses with numerous pockets were specifically designed to easily fit laptops, iPads or any other carry-on technology you might have. Most of the bags were oversized and done in a very earthy palette, chocolate browns, dark greens, beige and grays. The one specific bag catching my attention was the style where the front was completely open for the owner to be able to access their iPad without ever taking it out. Beautiful and practical!

Etiquette by Robert Geller
Dress up your feet! Etiquette by Robert Geller offered a collection of fun playful socks done in many patterns, colors and lengths. Mixing patterns is all the rage for this upcoming season, so possibly a little peek of a bright orange sock from under your boots is all you need to complete a trendy outfit! Etiquette also offered a line of basic underwear for men and women done in light blues, grays and a bright shade of peach.

Terra New York
Quite often, we have to alter our outfits to fit the moody, ever-changing weather, taking away the fashion element and replacing it with practicality. Terra New York absolutely stunned me with its chic collection of trench coats, ponchos and jackets. The beautiful bonus to these clothes is: they are completely waterproof to face the rainy days in style. Featuring light tan, coffee brown, bistre brown and wine, every piece was slightly transparent, which when worn over patterned fabric, adds a whole new life to the outfit.


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