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The collection offered an incredibly stylish line of shoes for children and several items for women. The styles of Kickers baby sneakers looked trendy enough for any adult to wear! Done in playful pinks, purples, reds and blues, shoes featured fur lining for extra comfort. I completely fell in love with sepia brown/tan children’s boots with buttons on the side. Several styles for women were also quite beautiful: specifically the light brown platform shoe with pink laces which would go perfectly with a feminine summer dress and a leather jacket.

Striking leggings with a bold pattern have an ability to transform the mood of an entire outfit. Falke leg wear brand constantly offers its customers multiple styles to choose from. Its collections have edgy and printed, fun and playful and timeless and elegant tights, leggings and socks. This time, items were done in black, browns, whites as well as bold popping greens, reds and purples. The line offered knit pieces as well.

Porter by Yoshida and Company
First coming on the scene in 1930s, Porter by Yoshida and Company dominated the fashion bag scene in Japan. The collection presented in New York was quite superb: oversized men’s bags done in leather, featuring several side pockets for convenience, small portable wallets in black, tan and light beige and slouchy totes and briefcases. Most of the collection was done in elegant sophisticated blacks tailored for the cool hip consumer.

Unknown Soldier
Browsing through the racks of Unknown Soldier, I couldn’t help but think: this brand is the real life story of How to Make it in America. A hip DJ Mathieu Schreyer from Los Angeles with a talent and vision for fashion created a line of cool and effortless t-shirts with a deep message. Every single shirt is wear able and appealing to men and in my opinion, women as well. Done strictly in black and white, these t-shirts can be seen under a blazer worn by an Upper East Side socialite and a regular trendy college student.

The Scent of Departure
The single beauty brand presented at the showroom, The Scent of Departure is definitely very unique. Displaying twenty fragrances, each one represents the atmosphere of a particular city. Customers are given a quiz to complete, after which the scent of a city best fitting their personality is determined. Each perfume is exceptional and features completely different scents to satisfy the preferences of many clients. The perfume will go on sale in April of this year.


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