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Golden Hook
This collection of cozy knitwear may look chic, oversized, boldly colored and patterned, yet it also has the most beautiful back story. Every piece of this French knitwear brand has been handmade by talented grannies recruited by the company! Not only will these warm scarves and hats protect you from the cold and make you look stylish, but they also happen to be exclusive, handmade and created with love. Mix and match colors and wear over a trench in the fall for a feminine, trendy look.

This line of shoes was definitely created for an effortlessly fashionable, rebellious customer looking to combine style and comfort. At first glance, Feiyue shoes have a very sporty feel to them, yet this season is about mixing and matching. Such comfortable shoes would look equally amazing in the daytime as they would at night with a dressier outfit. The two styles catching my attention were the black shoe with fur lining and white laces and the black/gray sneaker with black laces.

Joomi Lim
One of my absolute favorite jewelry brands, Joomi Lim offered a collection all about bold, almost dangerous sexiness. Luxurious necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, earrings and rings all featured one detail trendsetters are currently obsessing over: spikes. Pieces were also done in glowing mystical blues, purples and greens, which would go perfectly with that classic little black dress. Some of the standout pieces included the double necklaces combining timeless glistening gemstones with currently edgy chains and spikes.

Marc Alary for Natacha Langerman
Marc Alary for Natacha Langerman included beautiful timeless jewelry pieces presented in the most unique way.  Lying over cacti as if part of nature, done entirely in gold, pieces were very petite and elegant, created for an extravagant night out. The collection seemed personalized for a client who wouldn’t want to overwhelm the outfit with jewelry, yet still draw attention with amazing shimmer. Detailing on the pieces was extraordinary and intricate, especially on the items resembling golden sunflowers.

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