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By: Alexis Schroeder
Images by: Rebekah Schott


As impressed as I was for the inspiration for the model’s hair, I was slightly underwhelmed at some points during Rafael Cennamo’s collection.  It was hit or miss.  As I studied each piece of clothing with the beats pulsating throughout the darkly lit, champagne-waited room, I was expecting to be wowed.  The atmosphere was a sleek, icy Narnia vibe.

As observers shuffled about, I made my way to his gunmetal brocade long sleeve cocktail dress which fashionably yelled a modern, sassy, fearless, in-control woman.  She is certainly one not to be reckoned with.  Next, I found myself gleaming at a metallic mesh turtle neck cocktail dress.  This is for all those sporty women who aren’t afraid to show they have a fashion sense.

On to the next outfits, I was disappointed several times.  I felt like I was back at my high school prom in the gym.  The next few models had on dresses that have been overdone on the red carpet and by eighteen-year-olds.  Among them were a teal silk strapless gown and a short teal ruffled cocktail dress.

He makes up for this by the absolute must have of the season with the amazing sapphire blue backless draped sleeve gown.  You will be turning heads at that anticipated gala opening with this gorgeously constructed piece complete with ruffled shoulders.  Another utterly magnificent dress was Mr. Cennamo’s white gold draped bugle bead gown!  Truly an ice queen, this will demand your attention by its reflecting sparkle.  Completely jaw-dropping.

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