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RAFAEL CENNAMO f/w 2012 – Hair



By: Alexis Schroeder
Images by: Frank Rocco

“Mousse! Mousse! Mousse!” were the words shouted by Matthew Curtis.  Genius England head stylist, Matthew Curtis, along with designer Rafael Cennamo had a clear vision for their models’ hair.  TRESemme was the product of choice for their do’s including, TRESemme Dry Shampoo, Gel, Mousse, 24 Hour Body Volume, and Ultra-Fine Hair Spray.

Inspiration was drawn from the movie, Hanna, which included an icy, mystical, warrior-glam vibe.  Each icy maiden was frosted with white hair powders after an airy texture was created.  First, each model was drenched in TRESemme Mousse, and then blown dry with T-3 hairdryers to create a long lasting hold.  Once dried, stylists used 2” tongs to curl the hair and set it in pin curl clips leaving the ends of the hair straight.  Between the 24 models, twelve had rustic metal headpieces, almost like a crown of thorns, which screamed fierce ice queens.  They ranged from bucolic reds, icy silvers, to coppery-golds.

Parts were straight down the middle, if the model’s hair was left down; if not, the hair was then loosely tied in a central ponytail at the back of the head.  Once secured in a ponytail, a portion of the hair was pinned around the base leaving the ends out.  The vision exuded a floaty, frost-bitten, messy, yet still glamorous style, which was “kick-ass,” as Rogelio Reyna, PR specialist for Bobby Brown, quoted.  It was an edgy and literally cool halo that shadowed each model’s hair.