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By: Alexis Schroeder
Images by: Andrew Manart

The show took place in a clean, white, curtain-draped warehouse with concrete floors.  The designs were not so innocent, however.  As my body began to tremble in eager anticipation and from the pulsating beats, my jaw hit the floor with this futuristic collection.  Definitely one of my favorites this season!

Ready to break out from prison, stripes were a consistent sight.  Not only were funky stripes sported, but Geoffrey Mac also brought new meaning to Madonna’s cone bustier costume.  He artfully constructed cone-like, 3D structures onto his mini dresses’ hips.  Another frequent protruding detail found its way on the shoulders of many of the jackets.  Descending hem lines on skirts were also catwalk regulars.

Bursts of colors, instead of the dark, muted tones for fall, were quite refreshing.  Oceanic teals, sunny yellows, fire engine reds, and whites, along with some black made their presence known.  Wools pants, skirts, and dresses accompanied by leather and silk infused futuristic lover with an inquiring bewilderment.

Geoffrey Mac certainly should be applauded for his creativity and fashion forwardness.


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