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Are you ready for…
Long, Luscious, Lengthy Lashes and Full Beautiful Brows?
Go from drab to fab in one easy swipe with
Kiss everLASH MD+ and Kiss everBROW MD+

Have you ever dreamt of waking up with beautiful, full lashes and brows? If so, it is time to give your features a boost! Enhance what you got to ensure a long lasting, seductive look at all your holiday soirées this season – try the NEW Kiss everLASH MD+ and Kiss everBROW MD+!

Kiss everLASH MD+ is a specially formulated, and clinically tested, innovative blend of peptides, nucleotides and vitamins that will help lashes appear longer and healthier in just 4 – 6 weeks. This safe, non-irritating wonder serum is safe for contact lens wearers and even the most precious of peepers.

Key ingredients include:
·      Peptide and Nucleotide Blend: Keratin boosting peptide promotes the appearance of healthier lashes.
·      Vitamin B3, Vitamin P and Pro-Vitamin B5: Conditions and moisturizes lashes.
·      Gingko Leaf Extract: Promotes the appearance of healthier looking lashes
·      Hydrolyzed Silk: Promotes moisture retention to moisturize lashes

How to apply everLASH MD+: Simply cleanse eyes and remove all makeup.  Apply a thin layer of Kiss everLASH MD+ to the base of your upper eyelashes starting from the inner corner of the eye, working outwards.  Use in the evening before bedtime and let the serum work it’s magic while you get your beauty sleep.

How to apply everBROW MD+: Simply cleanse your face, making sure to remove all makeup.  Apply a thin layer of the Kiss eveBROW MD+ over your brows in the evening before bedtime.

Availability: Kiss everLASH MD+ and Kiss everBROW MD+ are now available in select Walgreen stores and will be available in Walgreen stores nationwide starting in February 2012

Suggested Retail Price:$19.99



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  • Nicole V. Rivera

    Awesome!!!!! I can’t wait to try!

  • fashion360magcom

    Congratulations, which item would you like?

  • In-Between Sizes

    Yay it’s February! I have Asian eyelashes and I’ve just had them permed last December. They were awesome and now that it’s February, they’re going back to their lifeless selves. So hoping the everLASH will help me get long and lengthy lashes soon!

  • lalalaleah

    Just bought both products.. can’t wait to try them tonight! I have super thin eyebrows and just regular lashes but if this works, I. will be ecstatic!

  • Nicole V. Rivera

    the lash one if the offer still stands :)

  • fashion360magcom

    Great. You will receive an email from us shortly.

  • shella

    i would love to see how the lashmd works!

  • erica

    would the offer still stnd or is this post old :/

  • fashion360magcom

    Yes it does. Please email your contact information.

  • connie vogt

    Would love to try everbrow MD!!! Is there still an offer out there???

  • connie vogt

    Would LOVE to try EVERBROW MD!!! Is there still an offer out?? Can’t tell if my e-mail went through.. Crazy computer!!!!

  • fashion360magcom

    We received your email address. You will receive an email from our giveaway department by July 22nd. Thanks.

  • Shalone Smith

    Just purchased this product 3days and counting hope this works, my brows are really thin at the ends… Made a horriable mistake when i was about 8yrs old and cut them they never grew back….. I so hate to get them waxed, but a girls gotta do what girls go do….. so praying this works for me!!!! ;0)

  • Claire

    This does not work :/ Ive been trying it for a month now and I don’t see any difference.