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By: Yelena Kozachkova

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For the s/s 2012 The Blonds brought the glitz, glam and giggles. They showcased the signature bunny of playboy under a new light, giving him more room for his hop. In an exclusive interview, the Blonds reveal how their partnership with Playboy first began and how they always manage to stay true to their style. They remind us brunettes and red heads that we all have a little blond in us.

How did you partnership with Playboy first develop?

We’ve been inspired by Playboy as far back as we can remember. Glamour, luxury, fantasy, and gorgeous women is what Playboy is about and so are The Blonds. We’ve been working with Playboy for three years to dress the Playboy Playmate of the Year. Each year Playboy has a huge event and crowns the new Playmate in Las Vegas. T his time there was also a party held in the Playboy Club on top of the Palms Casino. We had the privilege of meeting one of our favorite artists Olivia De Berardinis. Somewhere in that Playboy Bunny and Olivia cocktail was the inspiration for The Blonds Spring 2012 Collection.

The corsets for the s/s 2011 show not sparkled down the runway. From the silver corset topped with gems and a woman with volumous hair and black thigh high stockings pasted to the cetner to the red studded corset with a deep open V-neck and black pasted lips along the front, the pieces were kissed with style.

Where does your inspiration for your designs, and corsets especially, stem from?

The corset is a signature piece for The Blonds. Each corset has a character and life of it’s own. We’re in love with the golden age of Hollywood and designers like Adrian and Edith Head. Each piece we design always has a surreal fantasy element and as much sparkle as possible.

What do your pieces say about the person wearing them or what do you want it to say?

Most of what we do is a collaboration with each client. The garments don’t come alive until they are worn, it really depends on the setting and the person. There is a little showgirl in every woman and we like to bring that out.

The Blonds don’t compete with fashion, they play with it.

Does comfort of the corset ever come in question when designing?

Absolutely, we strive to find that perfect balance of form and function with each corset. Several fittings are necessary and the process can take up to 12 weeks to complete.

Your shows are often more about theatrics and showing off your designs with entertainment, what made you deviate from the runway norm?

Our shows are meant to transport the viewer into another dimension where everything is possible. Our shows are all about over the top glamour, luxury and fantasy. Today designer shows are generally not where they do business and sell the clothing so there is opportunity for the designer to show what there inspiration was for the season.

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