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By: Michelle Natalia Diaz

Fashion 360 Magazine was invited to Sephora to try the breakthrough product The Miracle Skin Transformer with the product’s maker, Sarah McNamara. The Miracle Skin Transformer promises to provide women with busy lives, an all in one step beauty regiment, offering hydration, smooth coverage and SPF protection from dangerous UV rays. The Times Square Broadway Sephora was all a buzz with on camera makeovers being handed out right in the store! I myself was whisked into the beauty chair, before McNamara to try the product first hand. My skin was front and center as Sarah applied the lightweight whipped product on to my face. I thought, well this feels weightless, there is no way it is going to provide the coverage necessary to hide all my flaws, but to my surprise The Miracle Skin Transformer did provide great coverage. I would not say the product would be beneficial for camouflaging deep flaws but for everyday use, for a woman on the go, The Miracle Skin Transformer definitely does the trick.

Sarah McNamra, knows the secret to the effectiveness of the product, she simply stated “I wanted a product that would simplify every woman’s skincare routine”. There was no product on the market at the time that offered the highly effective multitasking qualities like The Miracle Skin Transformer. A foundation that primes, protects and offers coverage. The key ingredients are natural actives from the earth, antioxidants and naturally based silicones. After my interview and demonstration I was given a sample of The Miracle Skin Transformer to utilize for my own use and I must say my skin appears to be in improved condition and my impression of the product is that it definitely delivers hydration to dry skin and lightweight coverage of minor skin imperfections. This may not be for everyone but truly what one product ever is?