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pr2, showroom, pervis ross, circa sixty-three, kim+sue, crux, laruicci, tikka, jose duran, plutocracy, blank silk,ikponmwosa edorisiagbon, By: Ellie Eckert

Some designers may be described as a “dime a dozen” however those at the PR2 Showroom curated by Pervis Ross have proved to be anything but. Among the brands, Circa Sixty-Three, Kim+Sue, Crux, Laruicci, Tikka, Jose Duran, Plutocracy, and Blank Silk have wowed fans, and have impressed critics’ one collection at a time.

Circa Sixty-Three is a brand unlike any of its kind, and with the upcoming Fall trend focused on 60’s attire, this accessory line is sure to make a strong impact. The brand, which launched after head designer, Danielle Insetta purchased over twenty tons of vintage lucite , and has modeled designs after the modern classics of the 20th century. This season, the designer has embraced shades of green, gold, and red, all while maintaining a vintage feel.

Kim+Sue is another brand that cannot be ignored. Using faux furs and shades of burgundy, beige, and black, the designers have constructed a collection of embellished vests, ponchos and “cuffers” the brands creation worn over any high heeled shoes or boots. These accessories’ make any ordinary boot feel as if they just stepped off the runway.

What do you get when you combine a collection of feathers, studs, and rose petal bib necklaces? Enter, Crux, a brand by two New York women. These fresh young designers used black, red, gold, and accents of green for their current collection, which is incomparable to any other collection in its department.

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