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Resort collections have been all the rage recently; Tikka, a brand that flaunts breezy resort styling all year long, is no exception.  For this collection, the designer of Tikka, gave followers a collection of bathing suits, airy scarves and cover ups, each item embracing the vivid colors and detailed bead work inspired by the Indian culture. The cover-ups shown in Tikka’s Resort collection were embroidered with beautiful beading to make a day in the sun a bit more glamorous.

Cutouts, capes, and extraordinary construction are just a few of the ideas running through Dominican designer Jose Duran’s Fall 2011 line. Duran has embraced not only fall fashion trends, but also the idea of mixing masculine and feminine pieces. Many of Duran’s designs are made for both men and women, and focus on the balance between fluidity and structure.

With fall right around the corner, it’s time to start stocking up on clothing that will keep you warm and won’t land you on an episode of “Fashion Police.” Plutocracy has done just that with a collection of jumpsuits, to-die-for pants, and dresses that will take your winter wardrobe from mediocre to must-have. The principle designer of Plutocracy, Anitra Michelle, likes to describe her designs as “minimalist pieces,” and likes to accentuate her designs with the help of statement accessories. This designer uses the same color stories throughout the season, where she typically uses black, avocado, and neutral camel shades.

Blank Silk is another brand being inspired by the Indian heritage. Designer Meghan Walsh has embraced the origins of ancient India to make a collection using flawless silk materials, and an array of unique shades and luxurious fabrics. This designer constructed wraps which can be worn in different ways, and many pieces that have been gaining attention in the few months that the brand has been available.

To sum up my visit to the PR2 Showroom, I would say it was nothing short of amazing. Each designer displayed collections of original designs, be it accessories or clothing, and explained a deeper meaning to each of their pieces. In other words, Circa Sixty-Three, Kim+Sue, Crux, Laruicci, Tikka, Jose Duran, Plutocracy, and Blank Silk are brands to watch, and will not disappoint fashionistas looking for a unique spin on an idea as old as time.


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