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falke, sarah sawyer, marie saeki,yelena kozachkova,ikponmwosa edorisiagbon, pantyhose, stockings, nylon, By: Yelena Kozachkova


Many of you may remember the temper tantrums you threw as children when your mothers and fathers forced you into pantyhose. I remember mine. The stockings were always white; and worse always itchy, tight, and if not already torn were just on the brink of it. Surviving these nylon nightmares from my childhood, I categorically refused to ever wear them again, much less of my own volition. Yet somewhere between being a teenager and the 20s onward, pantyhose made a comeback and I catch myself tempted by them. Everything my mother said was true. They do make my legs look more slim, my shoes more comfortable, and my overall appearance more prim and proper.  The reason these second-skins resurface is because of the wide variety of fashionable and pleasant stockings now available. Hosiery from FALKE almost makes me forget my past pantyhose troubles. It has been able to do the impossible—produce a hosiery product with quality, creativity, and comfort—and make me want to wear pantyhose.

FALKE offers graphic designs and patterns ranging from striped to dotted, along with eccentricities to fill your fancy. The 100 denier tights are available in a variety of colors from meriot to teal. The net gusset, waistband, and soft-seam finish along the toe line work together for an ultimate look-good and feel-good product. The FALKE control top 20 Denier stockings with a matte finish, reinforced toe, and V line brief don’t just take [your sweat, blood, and tears like traditional pantyhose] but give you back shape and form to sculpt your legs. Even if the look were not enough to calm me, the cotton touch allays all my anxiety. These do not feel like the pantyhose of your childhood, unless some of you were lucky enough to have FALKE legwear. Only top-notch materials, innovations and designs are used to develop the company’s hosiery. This is pantyhose you don’t need to struggle around the house in,worrying a seam will rip, or worse the crotch of the stockings hangs lower than the hem of my dress [or is that just me?].