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For the Autumn/Winter 2011/12 season, FALKE combines durability and robustness with femininity and pizzazz to generate hosiery that functions with fashion without compromising luxury. The socks—long, knee-high or over-knee size and made of cotton or angora— draw out the classic beauty in every foot. FALKE’s fine segment collection focuses on pristine, poise, and harmony, intertwining subtlety with every pattern. The high fashion segment brings daring and raw patterns to make it stand out among its competition. These are not the stockings that line the hosiery sections of local pharmacies. The palette for FALKE Luminance features a wide gamut with multifaceted shine elements that make any accompanying shoe all the more lucky. Even pantyhose deserve a second chance, and FALKE hosiery will make you forget all about the horrible first impression they left on you as a child.


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  • Andrea

    never have been a fan of pantyhose but im excited to try these out

  • Diane

    I love the idea of fashion, quality and comfort for pantyhose. I wear Falke now and love them.

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  • sara