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By: Ellie Eckert

The Broad Street Ballroom was pulsing with energetic beats from the DJ, which translated into the electrified audience on this third day of African Fashion Week New York. Each designer made use of eccentric patterns, vibrant shades, and brilliant cuts to catch the attention of all in attendance.

The first designer of the evening, Nadir Tati, started off the night with a burst of color and a combination of heels that would make any die-hard shoe fan beg for more. Tati accentuated fitted gowns with gorgeous layering and an array of puff sleeves that left the audience in awe. It wouldn’t be African Fashion Week without a selection of men’s attire. Tati showed basic colors in her men’s collection, such as black, camel, gray and brown in a series of formal pieces.

Editalo Designs was next to present, and what was presented was a series of glamourous dresses, all erupting with gorgeous shades, such as pink, purple and teal. Editalo Designs also wowed fans with a series of mini-dresses, all with intricate cuts and detailing. The mini-dresses, although beautiful, were a bit short, and not necessarily practical for off-the-runway wear.

Tori Famuyiwa refreshed the audience with a collection of beautiful floral printed fabric, as well as incredible layering that caught the attention of more than one of the fashionable attendees. The presentation started with a modest print on a fabric that made you want to dive out of your seat to feel the airy quality, and escalated to a flowing gown with a side slit that brought the dress from reserved to alluring.

Sarfo of Styles took to the stage to introduce a collection of subtly sexy designs. The patterns which were displayed gave off an outdated feel, which unfortunately was this designer’s downfall. Each design, however, was form fitting and perfectly accented the models. Sarfo of Styles also presented a series of men’s wear, which included cultural printed pieces and loose fitting pants that excellently represented the African heritage.

Design by U was the first of the evening to present a collection purely based on accessories which ranged from women’s earrings to men’s headwear. Although the women’s accessories, such as the bracelets and earrings, embraced an artistic point of view while representing a beautiful heritage, they were a bit oversized, and borderline impractical. Each design was imaginative and had the potential to be a great design, however it did not translate well in the reaction of the audience.


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