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The evening continued with Funlayo Deri, who presented a collection based around solid colors, such as navy, black, red, and purple, each with a creative twist. The audience was in awe when this designer presented a gorgeous purple beaded gown, which made for a perfect closing number.

Yashika was next to exhibit, however what was shown was slightly underwhelming. Although the styling was quite creative, the designs itself seemed to be very ordinary, as if it was something typically seen in various retail stores.  Madhuree Joysury, designer of Yashika, is said to be inspired by her love of photography and painting, and often embraces her Mauritian heritage in her designs.

Aamaa á la mode’s collection showcased earth-like materials, mixed with a glamorous counterpart. The designs ranged from mini-dresses to leggings which were accented with a unique top that made the collection ready for everyday wear. It was a great collection overall, yet it seemed to be lacking a theme, or an idea that linked the collection together as a whole.


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