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How much would you say shoes change someone’s overall look?
It changes everything! It is like an accent in a word, and it can ruin the whole outfit! And many times the shoe carries a lot of character of the person and personality.

I look down toward my feet now, wondering how different my appearance would be with a Monica– purple suede booties with a side bow and cinched front; though July weather is not quite so warm now.

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What are some of your favorite pieces in the collection?
All of my woven line I think is very special and the amount of hand work put into them is very unique. There are so many ways to play with this kind of work and it allows you to play with different shapes and colors.

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How do you feel your culture and upbringing reflects in your products?
My shoes definitely are inspired more in the people and the geography of my country. I tend to use materials that are from there such as fish skin, wool, and woven leather work, originally from Chile. There are so many memories, here we have so many traditions that are still honored, where as in big cities traditions get forgotten easily. There is a town outside from Santiago named Chimbarongo, well know in Chile for their crafts made in mimbre, woven pieces made of straw, so unique , and like this city and its traditions, you can find many more.

What kind of women do you make shoes for? Or what kind of women do you think would buy your shoes?
I guess that I design basically for me, I wouldn’t do anything that I wouldn’t wear. I design for real life women, who live the city, have strong personalities or character, but are genuine and eclectic at the same time.

What do you want your shoes to say about you and your line?
They are very connected on my style and roots, easy to wear glamour and chic.

What are the challenges and advantages to being a shoe designer?
To find a place in the market and believe in your sense of style, there are so many trends that sometimes it can be difficult to remain true to your style or your point of view, which is reflected in your designs.

Were there people in your life who either motivated you to go for your dream or deterred you from it? How did you take their support or criticism?
With humor, I think criticism is an important part of creating and growing, and the support of the people around me have been essential.