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fokke de jong, garri rivkin, suitsupplyBy: Garri Rivkin


A Store that Sells Suits and Itself


Tucked away on Broome Street, two blocks from Broadway, there lies the first venture into America by the Dutch company, Suitsupply. Little pomp and flair greets customers, with only a small awning and two posters (one of which is all but invisible if not standing across the street) giving notice that one is in the right place. Upon entering the lobby, however, the minimalism of the exterior gives way to a cascading imagery of men in nice fitted European suits and women with barely any, and sometimes no clothes. Subtly is all but abandoned.

fokke de jong, garri rivkin, suitsupply

On reaching the second landing, one enters the store, a studio sized area where the photography displayed to the outside is prominently featured. Along the walls run hanging suits curving with the cut of the wall. The stylish suits mix well with the shades of green, blue, and pink that dominate the space and that are particularly evident in the more private rooms where plush couches rest in front of the dressing areas, making the space seem more a lounge than a fitting room—an impression only reinforced when the music is playing.

fokke de jong, garri rivkin, suitsupply

Most conspicuous is the tailor shop set up in the middle of the main room. Not a mere decoration, but rather one of the unique features of Suitsupply which prides itself on its on-premises tailoring. The tailor on staff brought in after years of working for high end designers works in an exposed workshop where the messiness of the backroom needs to be avoided for the elegance of the space in which he is operating.

fokke de jong, garri rivkin, suitsupply


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