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hair, trends, celebrity, jennifer aniston, cassieBy: Stacionne Bradley

Easy Summer Looks

To a majority of women, hair is one of the most important aspects of beauty. Hair contributes to a woman’s confidence and sexuality. Two women who have set trends that changed the hair scene frequently would be actress Jennifer Aniston and pop singer Cassie.

Jennifer Aniston has gone through a variety of trendsetting hairstyles. From brunette to blonde and long layers to a short bob, she has inspired a lot of women to take risks.

One simple hairstyle that we will go over today is her Sleek Bone straight look.

jennifer aniston, hair, trends,

Things you’ll need:
Flat Iron (I suggest T3 micro ManeTamer- it’s perfect for all hair types)
Comb  (T3 Carbon Tourmaline Combs eliminates static electricity and creates a sleek and shiny look)

  1. Make a part where ever you desire.
  2. Take small portions of hair and take iron from the root, to the end of your hair at a slow but steady pace.
  3. Continue to straighten small portions until all of the hair is bone straight (Some portions of hair might require more than one stroke of the iron.)
Congratulations, you’re finished. Now you can look like Jennifer whenever you please.

Pop singer Cassie made a large impact on the trendsetting scene once she went from long wavy hair, to shaving half of her head.  Soon after, you saw nothing but half-shaved heads.  Aside of having one side of her hair gone, Cassie has accomplished a couple of really nice styles.

We’ll be focusing on her Wet and Wavy look today.

cassie, hair, trends,

Things you’ll need:
Spritz (I’d recommend Salerm Cosmetics Prolac)
Mousse (optional- try Salerm Cosmetics Pro Line Curl Mousse)
Hair Tie

  1. You have the option of either wetting your hair, or using Mousse to make it damp. I would suggest if your hair already has a little wave to it, to just use mousse, for you wouldn’t have that much work to do. If your hair doesn’t really wave up, wet it.
  2. Once hair is damp, part your hair into four sections.
  3. Make four big braids and tie hair tie at the end.
  4. Let braids air dry.
  5. Once dry take braids out and spray a tiny bit of spritz in each section to keep the wave in.

There you are, Wet and Wavy girl!